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Charity Sales 6.18-7.18, 2004

To further our mission of providing preventive healthcare for all, we are hosting a one-time charity sale from June 18 to July 18 (ONE MONTH SALE). All proceeds will support CCACC Health's goal of making Healthcare for All a reality!

Special thanks to:

  • Dr. YaoYao Zhu (Medical Director), who donated lively paintings and beautiful calligraphy artworks.

  • Dr. Xiaoping Shao (Volunteer Psychiatrist), who contributed a vintage silk embroidery painting.

  • Ms. Kate Lu (Clinic Director), who donated procaine she brought back from Foshan, China, renowned for its procaine products.

These unique items make wonderful gifts for friends and family, and more importantly, your purchases will help those in need.

To bid on items, contact us at 240-393-5950 or email using the subject line [Charity Auction].

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